Martial arts have a long and rich history, with many styles and techniques developed over time for combat and self-defense. In ancient times, religious wars were fought using sword and shield techniques, and many cultures developed their own unique styles of martial arts.

India has a particularly rich tradition of martial arts, with many famous warriors and leaders using combat techniques to fight against injustice and promote righteousness. Lord Rama to Rani Lakshmibai, many warriors used their martial arts skills to achieve victory and defend their people.

However, in modern times, many of these ancient martial arts are in danger of being lost, as people forget their cultural heritage and traditions. This is why the Sqay martial art was created, as a way to revive the ancient combat techniques of sword and shield and preserve Indian culture and heritage.

The Sqay martial art is a competitive sport that uses sword and shield techniques, with the aim of promoting Indian culture and preserving the use of Sanskrit in the language of the game. The name “SQAY” stands for “Sword Quest Among Youths,” reflecting the goal of researching the art of sword fighting among young people.

Through the Sqay martial art, the SQAY MARTIAL ART FEDERATION – INDIA aims to promote and develop the sport, as well as provide training and competitions at the national level. By preserving these ancient martial arts and promoting Indian culture, the federation hopes to connect people to their shared history and cultural heritage.

Overall, the Sqay martial art is an important effort to preserve India’s rich tradition of martial arts and promote its culture and heritage. By reviving these ancient combat t+99echniques and using them in a modern sport, we can ensure that these traditions continue to be passed down to future generations.