Secretary General – Kashinath R Nayak (Goa)




Mr. Kashinath R. Nayak, the Secretary General of SQAY Martial art Federation – India, is a former international martial artist who has an in-depth understanding of the nuances of Indian Sqay Martial art and its structure, having held various roles since his playing days.


Hailing from Goa, Mr. Nayak completed his martial art training in various forms in Malaysia. He has served his state unit as secretary for 15 years and has also held the position of General Secretary in the national federation. As the President of WORLD SQAY MARTIAL ART ASSOCIATION, Mr. Nayak plays a crucial role in spreading this traditional martial art globally.


During his tenure with SMFI, Mr. Nayak aims not only to take Indian traditional martial art to new heights with his colleagues but also to develop the sport right from the grassroots level. He works towards talent identification and empowers them to develop into future Sqay martial artists for the country. One of his goals is also to promote Sqay martial art in Pan India by increasing women representation since the country has so far seen relatively more male pugilists coming out and excelling.


In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose touch with our roots and traditions. However, there are individuals like Mr. Nayak who go above and beyond to keep our culture alive. Mr. Nayak is a true champion of promoting Sqay martial arts and Indian culture. His dedication and hard work have been instrumental in promoting the game and inspiring many young people to take up martial arts.


Mr. Nayak’s vast experience and deep understanding of the sport make him a valuable asset to SMFI. He is committed to promoting traditional martial art and ensuring that it remains relevant in today’s world while also preserving its rich history and culture. With Mr. Nayak’s leadership, the future of Sqay martial art in India looks bright and promising.